Salvaged Building Materials for sale.... 
Look what we have today!
Outdoor Mix Concrete with Metal Reinforcement
18" x 18", 9" x 18", 9" x 9" colored concrete stepping stones
$12.50 each 18x18 stone texture top
 $18.75 each 18x 18 with imprint
Various animals available:
Bear, Moose, Elk, Deer, Horse, Eagle, Salmon, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Rose
and 48" x 17" x 6"  &  24" x 17" x 6" Steps
Stone stamped curbing for garden beds or pathway lining 4' and 2' lengths
plus newly added
Precast Step/Riser/Footing Systems
for 3 steps or 4 steps applications

Much More throughout the yard, items arrive daily!
wire panel rock baskets for retaining walls 16" x 20" x 48" and they hold approx.
1/3 cubic yard of rockYou do not need to do drain tile with these and you can put them in areas
 that you can not get equipment too. Basalt Rock Filler available as well as decorative rock face is available 
$49.50 for each rock basket 
with rock additional cost per rock used
Stone Wine Racks
 Custom Drilled Rock for wine bottles
Various sizes and type of rock 
"ART DEPARTMENT" buildings with lots
of yard art, metal art and craft ideas
NEW and SALVAGED windows and doors
Upcycled Wooden/Metal/Stone Items!
Rough Cut Salvaged Lumber Garden Potting Benches, Stone Topped Antique Sewing machine base side tables, Reclaimed Lumber tables and sitting benches, Brass Bedframe sitting benches, and Vintage Door Corner Shelves!
Real Stone Venneer in Fieldstone, Flagstone, Brick, River Rock, and Perma Ledge
"Buzzworm" Field Stone Veneer $9.00/sq ft.
"Wavy" Blue Stone Veneer $6.50/sq ft.
Brick Block Veneer
Cut Mixed Flagstone Veneer
River Rock Veneer $7.75/sq ft 
Monarch Veneer
$6.50/sq ft
Corner Book Shelf made from Salvaged Panel Doors
62" x 30" x 72" Salvaged Wood  Potting Bench $565.00
9" Southern Pine Bleacher Boards - most 20' -$3.00/ft
9" Fir Bleacher Boards - most 16' -$5.00/ft
Salvaged and New Brick Veneer
10' x 20' , 2x6 walls, floor set up for stone entry way, room for a wood stove, thermo pane windows, metal clad door, pine board & batt, cedar board siding, green metal roofing, 6x8 treated skids, 2x8 floor joists, totally set up for you to customize!!
Real Stone Veneer cut from Quartize or Slate stone in 2" and 4" squares and rectangles for hearths, kitchen or bathroom back splash or wall trim or treatment applications. 
 10 different stones to choose from for $9.50 per square foot
Brick Veneer in New and Used Brick .75 cents each  
Average placement will be approx. 7 1/2 brick per square foot 
depending on the size of the brick and thickness of mortar joints
Idaho Gold 2" & 4"
Argillite 2" & 4"
Ibex 2"
A Frame Greenhouse

Double wall polycarbonate wall, 3 tab asphalt shingle wall and 1x6 t/g cedar around the base, end wall window and vents in the end and front, screened door, open floor for possible drain or beauty rock, 12' x 12' call for a price and availability
Charcoal 2"